Online Song-book and singers Line-up service for Karaoke hosts

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This is an interactive web-application for Karaoke hosts.

Your guests will have your song-list on their smart phones. They can sign-in to the show and then book songs online. The booked songs then appear in the line-up.

Open the demo (Button above)
-- Go to "live show"
-- Then sign-in with your name.

The event pin is "1234" if you sign in with the host password "Host" you have further functions and features like deleting and moving songs on the lineup, customizing etc...

The service will be customized with your infomation and you get a url like "myname"

The service comes at a small annual fee.

For more info please contact:

Some Remarks:
-- To prevent not present people from booking songs, the host hangs out an "event-pin" at the venue.
-- Moving songs up/down in the Line-up can only be done by the host.
-- Deleting songs in the Line-up can be done by the host and the owner of the song.
-- When it is time for the next singer, the host has to enter the top entry in the Line-up in his karaoke system and delete it.
-- Signed-in people are automatically signed out after 10 hours.
-- The "Who is signed in" list have to be manually deleted by the host after the event.(see bottom of host page)